Developed with the National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB) SAKE TASTING GLASS

Unveiling the Future Standard for Sake Evaluation

Introducing the

a groundbreaking vessel designed to establish a new benchmark for sake evaluation and propel Japanese sake onto the global stage.
For centuries, inconsistent tasting practices due to varied glassware have hindered the global appreciation of sake's diverse flavor and aroma profiles.
Glassbacca, in collaboration with the National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB), Japan's leading authority on sake research, has taken a bold step to address this challenge.

Key Features 1

Enhanced Aroma Perception

• The unique bulging shape and increased headspace encourage the release of volatile compounds, allowing for a more nuanced appreciation of subtle fragrances.
• This shape also amplifies the body and fragrance elements of the sake.

Key Features 2

Precise Control Mouthpiece

• The slightly extended lip facilitates controlled intake, ensuring the sake coats the entire tongue and reveals its full flavor spectrum.

Key Features 3

Swirling Advantage

• Deviating from traditional glasses, the innovative base with legs provides the ideal height for swirling, enhancing aroma release and intensifying the sensory experience.
• Spinning the sake faster on the glass wall allows for a quicker and more pronounced scent experience.


Behind the story and beyond the glass

The SAKE TASTING GLASS is more than just a tool; it's a commitment to quality and education. It represents a collaborative effort to increase global appreciation for sake by providing a standardized platform for evaluation and enjoyment.

Developed with Experts

Born from discussions and tastings with NRIB and experts, this glass is the culmination of extensive research and meticulous design.

Wide Range of Applications

This versatile glass is not only ideal for sake evaluation gatherings and appraisal meetings, but also for
• Tastings at sake breweries
• Events and gatherings
• Individual exploration of sake's diverse forms and flavors

Embrace the Charm

Through the experience of using this glass, we hope you'll embrace the charm of sake and discover a whole new world of flavor and appreciation.